Here’s What Others Are Saying About Kerry:

“Before I met Kerry, I was caught up in a dangerous cycle of fad dieting and yo-yo weight gain. I had tried everything, every fad and every gimmick, but without success. Then I met Kerry. During our sessions, she was able to get to the root of why I was unable to lose the weight. She pointed out that as a busy mom, I was not making time to exercise consistently. She also tweaked my diet. Change didn’t happen overnight, but after reflecting and executing faithfully on her recommendations, the number on the scale started to tick downward and my clothes fit better. I reflect on her advice daily and am making good progress toward my end goal. Even better, the yo-yo weight gain has stopped and I am shrinking as a person! None of my forward progress would have happened without her. I am eternally grateful!”  ~ Sarah


“I began working with Kerry in the Spring of 2012 with the goal of losing 35 lbs. in six months.  My cardiologist had just given me six months to lose a significant amount of weight and dramatically lower my cholesterol.

Since I had no desire to start a chronic medication regimen, I sought immediate professional help. I chose to work with Kerry because she was the only health professional I knew capable of designing a holistic plan blending resistance training, cardio work, plant based nutritional counseling, and stress reduction techniques.

Kerry helped me to achieve and exceed all my goals one month ahead of schedule. My weight dropped from 215 lbs. to 180 lbs. and my cholesterol from 232 to below 150, all without incident or injury.

I am extremely grateful for Kerry’s guidance and would recommend her to anyone pursuing similar goals or lifestyle changes. ”   ~ Donny


“I thought I wanted a boot camp experience to become stronger. But Kerry knows the body doesn’t need more push it needs understanding for consistent strength. I never thought my body would be conducive to yoga. I have taken many classes over the years. I am a plus-size woman who hates contortions and yet Kerry has made my body bendy.  Her approach is filled with wisdom, and compassion with a solid base of knowledge. I’ve had the pleasure of having private and public fitness and yoga sessions with her over the years. Her knowledge of nutrition makes working with her a total health and fitness package. However you decide to work with Kerry you will make progress. Health doesn’t have to hurt.” ~ Melanie


“I have been studying yoga with Kerry now for about a year, which has been an amazing experience.  She is an excellent yoga instructor!  As a student, I feel very cared for, it is as though she is in tune with every student’s individual needs and wellbeing.  Practices are very personal, and tend to be challenging, calming and caring all at the same time.

An interesting story… somewhat serendipitous actually.   About five months ago, I had received some negative lab results from a routine physical.  Turns out, I was diagnosed with pre-type II diabetes and high cholesterol!  The news was pretty shocking as I have always considered myself as someone in relatively good health.

Turns out that on that same day that I had received those results, I overheard Kerry mention that she is a board certified nutritionist.  I immediately approached her and we set up an appointment.  The first thing that she did was calm my nerves by explaining that this condition is totally reversible and that all I needed to do was change my eating habits.

The first thing we went over was a summary of the meals that I eat on a given day and what we gleaned was that my sugar intake was very excessive.  I was enlightened that day about the amount of sugar that is present in everyday foods that are typically considered to be non-sweet foods!

She presented me with a daily meal plan that outlined daily routines in detail and we talked extensively about reading labels and eating whole foods.

I have stuck to Kerry’s nutritional guidance now for 5 months, and am happy to report that my cholesterol and blood sugar results are back in the normal range!

I am extremely grateful for Kerry’s guidance and would recommend her to anyone who is in need of a lifestyle change.”  ~ Jon


“Kerry came into our lives about 3 years ago and has led us on a journey of increasing health and deepening awareness.  From the ways in which we move our bodies to the ways in which we nourish ourselves, she has challenged me to reflect, balance and integrate wholistic practices into menu planning, making healthy food choices and keeping me moving.  I feel more energetic and grounded, and as an added benefit, I’ve lost and kept off over 20 extra pounds that I certainly didn’t need.  Kerry brings it all to the table and I look forward to seeing her on a regular basis!”  ~ Stacy


“I enlisted Kerry for private yoga sessions in my home as well as personal training weight-lifting sessions in the gym. In both cases, Kerry was excellent in listening to my concerns, and custom designing a plan for me personally. Her deep knowledge and experience in yoga and weight-training have prepared her to customize a plan for whatever a person might want. She has fantastic listening skills that guide her in developing a plan for an individual, as she did for me. What is more significant is her willingness to help you attain what you want while maximizing the training sessions together.  She is a no-nonsense straight up person, who is great at what she does, and I would not hesitate to enlist her again should the need arise. I am willing to talk to anyone who is considering training sessions to contact me, if that is helpful. If so, please contact Kerry and she will get in touch with me.”  ~ Janet


“I have known Kerry, indirectly for many years, but our paths didn’t directly cross until a year ago, when I was in serious need of nutritional coaching and physical training. Little did I know the profound journey that she was about to take me on.  Through her generous spirit, kindness of heart and yes, tough love :-), I learned to pay more attention to my body and mind – through exercise and diet.  Both of which I had somewhat lost track of over the years.  Her gentle guidance, never made me feel pushed or judged in any way – only cared for and respected.  What more could I have ever asked for?  Her passion for all that she does, exudes in every ounce of her being, which only makes YOU want to strive to be the best person, best everything, that you can possibly be.  Having Kerry in my corner as a coach, trainer, cheerleader and I’m proud to say friend, has made this journey all the sweeter.  With much love and appreciation.”  ~ Gretel


“Kerry believes in all things in moderation – whether in choices about foods or exercise.  I never had to worry about being the best – just about being the best in the body that I have been given.    I have learned so much from Kerry.  She has a way of sharing her knowledge and passion that is readily understandable and easy to incorporate into the goals you wish to achieve.”  ~ Carlean


“Kerry has been instrumental in getting me and my wife back in shape in more ways than one. She combines deep physical training knowledge, excellent nutrition advice, the wisdom of yoga and a spiritual component. A good sense of humor is also in the mix. Thank you Kerry!  ~ Gustavo


“Kerry is amazing, she helped me get my life back on track. I am in better health and feel an overall sense of balance that I didn’t have before working with her. She has a true gift for connecting, being present and helping you achieve what you are striving for. I am so thankful to have met her and that I continue to have her as a support on my journey. Her passion for what she does comes through in all aspects of her work, she goes above and beyond. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”

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