“Kerry has an inviting, energetic presence that draws her audience in and keeps them engaged. She has the ability to meet her audience where they are. She uses inspiration, humor, facts, questions, and experience in such a way that every audience member leaves with something practical and useful to enable greater wellbeing as you go about your day. I highly recommend Kerry’s expertise, in both small and large groups, to anyone interested in taking charge of their health.” ~ Gisela Paulsen, MPharm, Vice President, Access Solutions, Genentech

Professional Speaker

I love spreading the power of wellness, longevity, and vibrancy to audiences everywhere. I’ve spent the majority of my life motivating and inspiring people to live their most vibrant version of themselves. I have a reputation for leaving you with an experience that lifts you up!

When you hire me to speak you can be assured your audience will leave with suggestions for practical wellness tips they can take into their day.

These speaking engagements can be designed for a specific subject or purpose within my repertoire of motivation, inspiration, mindfulness, wellness, nutrition, yoga, and/or fitness. Typically these sessions entail offerings of my holistic 4-pillars approach to a vibrant life: Eat Well, Sleep Well, Move Well, Stress Well.

With over 25 successful years in a “Corporate” career, I know and understand the demands on your health and wellbeing. This is why I tend to be a bit partial in speaking at Corporate events. I deeply believe the welfare of employees has a direct impact on the success of a company.

Employees are your most valuable assets. By providing workers with wellness services, companies are improving the wellbeing and job satisfaction of its employees, and in turn, raising retention rates.
(More Detail Here.)

“When we started Miramar Farms we knew all along that Kerry would be a part of our program. Kerry’s office yoga and mindfulness work is exactly what our clients long for–and more than that, Kerry herself offers such a soothing and nurturing presence. We’ve had rave reviews from our clients who have asked her to return again and again. Kerry designs her offerings to be accessible to all levels of experience. She’s reliable, adapts to any situation, and really has a gift for putting people at ease.” ~ Jayne Battey, Owner, Miramar Farms

My Signature Talk “Live Your Best Self” and The Audience Experience

I’ll take you on a journey through a typical 24-hour day and help you discover and experience practical, individual, sustainable ways to “live your best self”.

You’ll walk away from our time together energized and excited with practical tips YOU can use right now. No ‘to do’ lists or adding one more thing to your already full day. It’s all about what you can do, can have, and can be.

You’ll learn about nutrition, movement and mindfulness in a way that says “YES, that works for ME!”

Nutrition: Join the conversation about healthier options that work for you. Get “under the hood” of your lifestyle and discover your best self. Learn the what, why and how not to diet, deprive yourself or demonize foods to find your best health.

Movement: I focus on health gain rather than weight loss. Movement is a lifestyle not an event. Learn accessible techniques to gain strength, flexibility, balance, improve performance in physical activities, and lower risk of injuries.

Mindfulness: Learn practical techniques to lower stress levels, improve focus, reduce brain chatter, and communicate more effectively with others.

Claim better energy, a clear focused mind and a long healthy life. “Live your best self” today!

Contact me to explore how I can help you or your organization live a more vibrant life…

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Kerry’s Interview With Paul

March 2016 issue of the Half Moon Bay Magazine (click on image to open)

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