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Annmarie Skin Care Products

I’m just as particular about what I put on my body as what I put in my body. That’s why I love this pure, natural and organic line called Annmarie Skin Care. My personal two favorite products are “Anti-Aging Serum” and Anti-Aging Facial Oil“. I use them both daily. I hope you enjoy this skin care line as much as I do. Give them a try! Click here.
Disclosure, I love these products so much that I’m not only a customer, I’m also an affiliate. So, when you buy through a link from my website, I receive a commission on the sale.

Norwex is one of our favorite cleaning solutions.

In addition to what goes on our body and what goes in our body is what we surround ourselves with in our environment, especially our homes. In our home, we have drastically reduced the amount of cleaning chemicals we use. We believe this has had a very positive affect on our overall health and wellbeing. The Norwex mission is “improving quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes.” Click here.
Disclosure, I have enjoyed using these products as a customer, and am also a sales consultant with Norwex. So, when you buy through a link from my website, I receive a commission on the sale.

Young Living Oils

We have been using Young Living Oils as part of our health and wellbeing regimen for more than 20 years and truly believe they are some of the best essential oils on the planet. I’m also an independent Distributor of Young Living Essential Oils. If you are interested in ordering any of the Young Living products, please feel free to contact me.

Healthy Living:

The Environmental Working Group is the nation’s most effective environmental health research and advocacy organization:



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